2023 an overview
2023 An Overview

Dear 2023,
I expected you to be
little kinder
than 2022.
No problem,
you did not start well,
but I am happy you didn’t make
my life, hell.
You put healing strides
insinuate me to thrive
with every step you outride.
In the month of February,
you came along a tiny sweet smile;
My home beatifical
just like a graceful flower blooms
as panacea to deserted scary gloom.
You were behaving delight,
but a cruel event
left me in surmise
over it the deadly ailment
infiltrated as a balky surprise.
Oppressive but had to undergo
together they snatched all hopes
when the only support was,
Is and will always be my God.
The malady lasted till the May beginning.
Now is the time resuming
walks of life,
resting in between.
Slowly, slowly,
every brutal thing started to drop,
dire conditions are now just a joke.
I faced & enjoyed every case
with vibrant grin and strong faith
the trust was about to burst
in just a flick of moment
within only a 3-day gap.
All my dreams
suffocate to breathe,
resonated by a lovely treat.
I fueled them with jovial past,
but nothing worked out
and entire joy ran so fast.
All that is gone, has now gone.
Though, life was seemingly fine,
but nothing was alright
except the aligned call
for Krishna’s Own Abode,
The pleasure of visiting God
made up every bygone.
I replenished with great strength
& emotions shield from drench.
The birthday was now around the corner
even a single wish
was like a lively shower
over dry leaf.
A day passed, then the whole week
followed by the complete month.
The awful reality was awaiting
to fill rage in my heart,
to desire this soul
not to take another birth.
Everything was piercing, nix exciting.
I seek Krishna’s blessings
seeing this, Krishna called again.
We went to Goverdhan,
cherished Goverdhan retreat.
A divine nectar filled in the soul
made the time rememberable
and to be recalled.
You stumbled but walked well
as you belaud saintly propel.
Say thanks to the Kartik Month
include Diwali & other festivals.
Milieu was full of spiritual aura.
as it experienced by any divine diaspora.

2023 an overview
In Frame: Anjali Mantek

My head filled with blissful thoughts
and spirit with transcendental pathos.
Nov wrapped up blissful highlights
while packing its festive vibes.
Now, the turn was yours,
December !
You had to justify 2023
so that it can be remembered
with all given hopes and glee.
You moved too fast.
was it because
you were the last?
In farewell, I would say
No matter how many twists you take,
2023 !
you were tender
but I expected better.
What if, you didn’t take my share?
Would you have died?
If you had let me live
not as a defender.

2023 An Overview
2023 An Overview

I am abiding goodbye to you
passing over all the dues with you.
Please send 2024 with regard;
with everything, I miss in you
with everything, I search in you.

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  1. Monidipa Dutta January 2, 2024 at 1:40 am - Reply

    Lovely. Don’t worry 2024 will be good.

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