signs you are an avid reader
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Reading books could be a hobby for many, but finding a true avid reader is a challenge. When we discuss reading, questions about what makes a good reader or an avid reader often come up. Are all readers the same? What defines an avid reader? Though the terms “reader” and “avid reader” seem similar, there are behavioral differences. Let’s explore six undisclosed signs that indicate you are an avid reader.

If you are in the literary field, you might have pondered on these questions. Both terms may seem similar in meaning, but behaviorally, they differ significantly.

Signs you are an avid reader
6 Undisclosed Signs that You are an Avid Reader

The basic difference is this: a person who reads books is called a reader, while someone for whom reading is a priority is often termed an avid reader. Now, let’s delve into the signs that reveal you are an avid reader:

You Never Skip Dedication: Avid readers never overlook the dedication in a book. Whenever avid readers pick a book, they rush to check out the dedication, even if they have to read it at the end. Reading a book is love, but reading the dedication is like indulging in that love.

You Don’t Really Care About the Author or Publishers: Avid readers are attracted to the title and cover first. If these align, they care more about the book than who the author or publishers are. While they consider other factors, the book’s appeal takes precedence.

You are Curious About the Book’s Origin: Beyond just reading, avid readers are curious about why a book exists. They delve into the story’s inception, exploring the author’s note to understand the background, timeline, and emotions behind the story.

You Relate Events with Characters: Avid readers relate real-life events to characters in books. They immediately connect events to scenes from books, showcasing a deep connection that comes from extensive reading.

You Give Quotations in Discussions: Avid readers are usually less talkative, shine in book-related discussions. They speak in quotations, sounding like authors and poets. Their conversations are rich in references, reflecting their intelligence and knowledge.

Signs you are an avid reader
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You Assume Having a Bookmark is a Fundamental Right: Avid readers cherish bookmarks. For them, a bookmark is as crucial as the books on their shelf. It’s a sign of love, respect, and honor when someone gifts them a bookmark along with a book. Avid readers need bookmarks to mark their progress, favorite parts, and important sections in a book.

Signs you are an avid reader
6 Undisclosed Signs You are an Avid Reader

An individual displaying these six undisclosed signs should be recognized as an avid reader. Share this post with your friends to acknowledge their avid reading habits and make them aware of these signs.

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