Seven out of nine suicides in Australia are men” – Dogboy v Catfish

Dogboy v catfish

Introduction In My Words

Dogboy v catfish

Dogboy v Catfish Review by Towards Literature

Dogboy v Catfish is a thriller by Australia-based author Luke Gracias. A hard to put down book, a real page-turner, an extremely exciting one with a story full of twists. The story was developed in Australia. Katherine Fisher, the female protagonist, decides to be separated from her husband on their second anniversary. The story gripped my attention when I spotted the words as follows;

“The 9th of May will mark eighteen months since I got married. I want to lodge for a separation a day after that” – Katherine Fisher

Dogboy v catfish

I was baffled at her blunt words. Later, she realises her husband is missing and the story takes a turning point. The investigation into the missing case of Lindsay Kramer, the male protagonist (Husband of Kath), beckons upon money laundering, drug smuggling and homicide. The question was who was behind all this? How are these criminal activities linked with the missing case of Kramer? Was he alive or dead?

Obviously, to know the answers, you need to grab the copy. Rush towards the link given below.

Book Structure

Dogboy v catfish

The book is divided into three parts; namely, Greed v Trust, Power v Justice, Dogboy v Catfish. Thus, titled after the third part, “Dogboy v Catfish”. Every part holds its value. The author divided the book as such on the basis of content and the plot the story follows. Such an excellent step! No wonder why the author titled it, “Dogboy v Catfish” when the theme is thriller. It is because the protagonists are Dogboy and Catfish. The book is named after them. Their life is itself full of thrills, so the thriller comes after them. Bravo!

“Dogboy v Catfish” gives a twist every now and then. In every chapter you get to know the suspense at the end. The titles of the chapters are also interesting, like “Last Text”, “Death can wait”, “Snake Bite”, “Genuine Fakes”, “Omretร ”, “The minster is never wrong”, etc.

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Cover and Title

The cover crux is interesting, so the book is. I like the cover a lot. The theme, the colour combination, everything looks just perfect. Look at that golden shade, royal and graceful. How vibrant !

Coming to the title, it is bizarre but apt. The first gaze at the title will surely make the readers think at least once. What! “Dogboy v Catfish”? Does it make any sense? What will it be about? And the author succeeds in creating the suspense at the first stride only. Congratulations !

The ride is more exciting. Dive into my review for Dogboy v Catfish and you will know why, before reading the book.

Character Representation

Characters are well introduced. The characters’ portrayal by the author made an impression. He provided a brief outline of each and every personage very well. He left no chance of forgetting and confusing any character. I like the character of Lindsay Kramer (Dogboy), a victim yet strong, decisive, watchful and diligent. On the other hand, Kathrine Fisher (Catfish), a beautiful, crafty woman depicted as such, fills the readers with enough hatred towards her irked personality. She is bold, charming, influential but cunning and rookie. The exact human form of the proverb, “Beauty and the Beast”.

Apart from the lead characters, he ship-shaped the other supporting characters as well. Among them all, I personally admire the persona of Inspector Green, who is good-looking, shy, dutiful and honest. Some other such characters, like Micheal, Keogh, Detective Finlay also deserve praise.

Language and Narration

Narration is good, effective and laudable. The vocabulary used is of medium level, not beginner friendly. Timely usage of adage makes books a learning track. I horse with his way of story telling. He talks like a poet but writes like a storyteller, a plausible skill. Idioms and phrases used are a bonus for readers. In short, narration can be a practical preference for academics. There is a lot to learn. A reader cum student will certainly gain from it.

Highlighting some proverbs and sayings here. They are actually the Words of Wisdom. They will help you to understand life and perceive people better.

  • People Are Creatures of Habit.
  • Desperate People Do Desperate Things.
  • Keep Your Friends Close and Your Enemies Even Closer.
  • People Will Believe What They Want To Believe.
  • Words Said In Anger or When Emotional Are Often Regretted and Best Left Unsaid.
  • God Gives Biscuits To Those Without Teeth.

Wait ! I have some negative feedback also. Please have a look at the few controversial texts:

Dogboy v catfish

“Every family court judge knows there are three sides to every separation story; the womanโ€™s side, the manโ€™s side and the truth”Advocate

I consider this statement debatable. Every story may have three sides, but truth alone, on one side, is questionable. I believe, “Truth alone can not have a separate side, at least in a separation story”.

I sensed a paradox about the suspense. It may be called an error made by the author, the expression of love by the wife who went to advocate for separation by her choice. Yeah! She was navigating her plot but both the situations are contradictory, as in the story and in reality also. As it is obvious, in love, no one goes to a lawyer to file for divorce.

Remark: Opinions are personal. No intention of hurting anyone’s sentiments.

To Be Noted

Dogboy v catfish

“Lust Makes People Blind”Micheal

Some words in praise of Dogboy’s persona (From the book only);

Dogboy v catfish

“Many people today believe that if you do not monetise your friendships, you are the loser”
The Legend Himself (Lindsay Kramer)

Dogboy v catfish

“Assume Nothing, Believe Nobody And Check Everything”Dogboy

As Dogs love him;
“Dogs are a great judge of character. He had to be a good person”Someone in the Book (I give you the responsibility to find out the character)

Hope you enjoyed the review. Thank you for reading!





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    Being a reader, nothing makes me happier than going through a well-structured, well-detailed reviews like this. This is how a review should be. It helps audience/readers to get a broad insight through the reviewer’s eyes.

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    Being a reader, nothing makes me happier than going through well-structured, well-detailed reviews like this. This is how a review should be. It helps audience/readers to get a broad insight through the reviewer’s eyes. This story sounds engaging and I can guess you really enjoyed reading it!

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    Wow, your review of “Dogboy v Catfish” has truly piqued my interest! It’s clear that Luke Gracias has crafted an absolute gem of a thriller. The way you describe the book as a hard-to-put-down page-turner filled with twists has me on the edge of my seat already.
    Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this captivating book. Your review has undoubtedly convinced me to add “Dogboy v Catfish” to my must-read list.

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    Thank you for your beautifully structured and thoughtful review of my book.- Author Luke Gracias

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