I Am Reshma Budhia
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Subject of I Am (Reshma Budhia)

Book, I Am (Reshma Budhia) is the presentation of art and gratitude of a child for his art teacher. Art is presented beautifully. This book portrays art by children.

I Am Resham Budhia
The child willing to gift his teacher

Discussion Between Little Friends

A child was willing to bestow a unique gift to his teacher. Thus, he asked his artist friend for his help.

I Am Reshma Budhia
Two little friends discussing

The little friend asked him to describe his teacher’s qualities & her likes. Obviously, he tells of him all about her.

I Am Reshma Budhia
Analysing the possibilities

I Am Creative

With the help of his friend, the kid created pretty art. He was happy to see his creativity and expressed his joy before his friend about being an artist.

I Am Reshma Budhia
Pretty Creativity

He realised that he could do art, as his friend had been saying before the beautiful creation. He was encouraging him but the little kid was doubting his talent.

I Am Reshma Budhia
The Joy of Achievement

Brief of I Am (Reshma Budhia)

The whole story is outlined with illustrations and an effective, simple process is also recounted. The way the author narrated and explained every single event through presentation is nice. It inspires the readers to trust their ability.  

I Am Reshma Budhia
Process of Art

Thus, this pretty small book is an inspiration to all the children out there and others also.

I Am Reshma Budhia

Happy Reading !

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