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Introduction In My Words

No Shadow Without Light is a story about a treasure hunt. The hunt was for the twelfth page of the Devil’s prayer to protect the world from the Devil. 

The sole responsibility is on the protagonist now. Siobhan needs to protect future generations and save humanity. She faced several hardships in this journey as a protector. Unfortunately, she lacks faith in humanity anymore. Everyone standing by her side stands questionable to retain her trust. Above all, the circumstances offer her nothing but depression. She lost her loved ones & confront the case all alone. Will she be able to find the reason for her mother’s death amidst umpteen challenges? 

Book Division

“No Shadow Without Light” divides into four segments termed as, Book 1, Book….instead of Part 1, Part …. Well, a distinct and catchy division. A few chapter titles of the book are a bonus to readers and add some more spice to their hunger for more thrill, such as:

Narrative & Language Element

The depiction of places was beautiful, clear, and descriptive. All minor significant element gets presented beautifully.

All characters get portrayed with perfection to make readers understand them adequately. The narration used is simple in embellishing the story.

A reader can visualize the places, memories & events better through images in the book. Indeed, it’s a quality work of the author.

The language remained captive; sometimes easy, and other times new to my vocab. The addition of other native languages, wherever needed, in an intriguing manner, is the USP of the plot.

My Verdict

“No Shadow Without Light”, A Historical Fiction, is quite a gripping story full of adventure, thrill, and mystery, besides murder coming in between the story. 

It’s a vandalizing story of history, faith, dedication, sacrifice, and betrayal. The book is perfect to offer you a massive twist; great lessons for life, sacrifice for future generations, and a good heart to live for others. But, above all, it depicts the wisdom to choose people worthy of your trust.

“Two people can only be friends if they are going in the same direction at the same time”.

The above line is an accurate illustration of the state & justifies the fact that people can’t be friends when they are opposite to each other. Another exemplifying dictum from the book, “My father was right. Before the clock struck 12, you denied three times that you know me”, made me meditate over the solemnity of the presented predicament.

No Shadow Without Light puts forward perfect insistent suspense. You may get lost in the story once you lose attention. It demands focus to delve into the mystery, or else it will go out of your head. 

An unwitting discussion over religion is penned down inadvertently. I assume that it was serving the purpose of the storyline, but the contention is a pivotal quantum for me besides the underlying subject of the book. Some text of the confabulation is praiseworthy, while some are debatable. It highlights that a deep understanding is required to differentiate between humanity and religion. We often get confused about them. Thus, use the term humanity as the most appropriate word for religion, which obviously deviates people and makes them follow the path they are not supposed to follow. Conclusively, controversial sets of beliefs thrive and give birth to new secular minds.

Grey Part of The Book

Minor content errors are spotted. It can be identified by snoopy readers only. Well, no need to concentrate on this part of the review, as I have mentioned it as an honest reviewer’s obligation.

Rating & Recommendation

I recommend this to every reader who loves thrillers and would like to rate it with four stars.


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