The very beginning of the book, On A Journey Called Life (Ajit Wadhwa), impressed me in an uncanny way. But being a reviewer for this book, I have the authority to point out any browned mistake. Therefore, I must say that the poet had reluctantly mentioned the introduction as foreward.

on a journey called life ajit wadhwa

Subject Matter of The Book

on a journey called life ajit wadhwa

The first two poems are about souls, undoubtedly they are spellbound. The next few poems focus on life and its purpose. Almost all poems are of the free verse kind. Basically, the poems talk about the life of a human being. The title is also selected perfectly because this book will take you on a journey called life, as cited by the poet, of which love is a part. Poems tell of the phases of love; foremost to rearmost.

My Opine

on a journey called life ajit wadhwa

In my opinion, the sweetest poem is, “I wanna be a child”; beautiful by rhyme and touched by emotions. Poems are written in a very easy language, while some effective words make them elegant. Thus, simplicity is offered to readers with grace. My first crush is one of the poems I loved. Herein, the poet describes the genesis of love in a unique way.

Nature of Poems

Poetries are put down in a lovely rhythmic simple style. Thoughts and feelings are straightforward. Peaceful life, I find the best of all.

on a journey called life ajit wadhwa

Some high rationale, assay talks are scribbled down that are basis yet uncommon, rarely found but obligation of everyone’s life; indeed the best lessons of life, known by almost everyone but also ignored by them.


In the end, I highlight the most provoking words from the book.

“The Present Remains The King”

Ajit Wadhwa

Happy Reading! 

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