the mystery mountains book review
Reviewed by Towards Literature

This book is a nice concoction of science fiction and Sanatan History; therefore, few names of characters are inspired by the latter. In the very beginning, it substantially seemed perfect to me; be it the names of characters, be it the narration, language proficiency or anything a book requires.

Adduced pictures related to events and places add quality to the narration. A terse description is given of everything whenever a new place, thing or person ventures into the story, which is imperative to raise readers’ curiosity. The word, detest, made me feel egregious, which is used by a character to express disapproval for his nickname.

The book is divided into two parts based on the events. The initial phase was much more impressive to me than the latter one. Just after completion of chapter one, the story took a different turn. Midway, a few chapters came across as detached to the story, but later they were mysteriously hooked. Many tiny insignificant tales are woven into the midst of an intriguing story. Perhaps they sparked my absence in those moments. Obviously, those vexed me.

Being a foody, the author managed to put down meal storylines at regular intervals and explored many native dishes. Dedicated research and ample information about every single thing make the content lofty, but during some stints, dubious elucidation and unclear explanation are also found. It becomes technical when unknown difficult specialisation related words are introduced.

I assume the mention of Hollywood movies was not a good idea; ostensibly, the author wanted readers to visualise the plots like those which distorted the unique grace of the book.

Overall, this book is an excellent read and worthy of having your time.

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