Kavaach pranay bhalerao
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While overlooking the discussion over title and the cover for a genuine cause, I start the review with the background and the plot of the story.


The author picked up a nice story. His concoction is quite enthralling. It seems the author is very much inspired by Mahabharata, the greatest epic. Thus, some related content is penned down in the book. In fact, the central theme is a stealth idea from the epic, “Kavaach”.

Character Depiction

This part of the book is the best one, in my opinion. Each character is portrayed well. From the name to their role, everything is imposing. But the author should cast aside the same names (I would say similar because of different surnames) of two different characters. It may create confusion. I think the readers agree with me.

Narration & Language

The language is moderate. I am glad that the author succeeded in using conceptual words as per the story. On the contrary, I feel the author lost his grip on narration. As against the story, the narration is not that impressive. Usage of Sanskrit texts would be a great idea if a mantra is to be inscribed. Pictography would be helpful in making this factor influential.

Final Verdict

As stated above, the story is induced by Mahabharata to a great extent. The author took Karan’s Kavaach as the subject and even depicted some scenes linked to his life. It was really a good idea, but I assume describing the concept as it is embarks as an imitation only. At least I didn’t like that and it seems outdated to me. Creating fiction is an art in itself, but it needs spooky attention.

Though it is promulgated at the end of the book that the second book in the series is coming soon, the story must have a finishing line. Because it seems unfinished. The termination of the book didn’t justify the proverb, “Happy Ending”. It feels like bad wins at the end of the story which a fiction reader won’t love at any cost.

The author tried to portray the ancient time, gurukul system, asharam education but missed its effectiveness. He could have added some teachings so that it wouldn’t look like a dummy work but a genuine work. I would suggest the author read scriptures, if he wants to continue his writing journey with devotion to this genre. Because if he had read them, he would not have committed the mistakes that are being made in the course of writing this book.

Besides all this, I also realised that one or two chapters are not arranged chronologically. I picked this book very excitedly but it didn’t reach my expectations.

Wait! Wait! Wait! Let me disclose the supreme quality of the book and that is: It begins with the name of God and also ends with it. It glorifies Lord Shiva and His powers. The author has a strong faith in & is a devotee of Lord Shiva. I am undoubtedly impressed with the way his reverence to Lord Shiva. This is what I can’t skip in my review.

The story is fine, so my rating also depends on it and on the subject the author picked. I appreciate that he highlights our scripture.

Looking forward to reading his next, “Kaal”.

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