Unbroken book review

With unflinching honesty, Indrani Mukerjea, a woman thrust into the spotlight due to a shocking murder case, shares her extraordinary life through this classic memoir. ‘Unbroken’ delves into her journey from a challenging childhood in Guwahati to becoming a prominent media figure in Mumbai, and ultimately, her time in Byculla jail.

Introduction In My Words

The book chronicles the life of Indrani Mukerjea, particularly focusing on the turbulent events surrounding the murder of her daughter, Sheena Bora. The day that should have been a celebration turned into a nightmare when Indrani was arrested for her daughter’s murder. The story then unfolds as a riveting murder investigation, uncovering a web of suspects, scandal, and intrigue.

Unbroken book review

The media’s relentless coverage and public curiosity put Indrani into the spotlight, and her memoir provides an intimate look into the complex web of relationships, betrayals, and personal struggles that defined her life during and after the investigation. The memoir unfolds as a compelling narrative, tracing Indrani’s life from its rough beginnings to her meteoric rise in the media industry and her eventual imprisonment.

Throughout the memoir, the themes of resilience, growth, and the power of the human spirit echo loudly. Indrani Mukerjea’s experiences convey messages of empowerment, determination, and her life story serves as an inspiring example of overcoming challenges. The author’s ability to navigate hardships and emerge stronger resonates with a wider audience, making the memoir impactful and relatable.

Cover and Title

Unbroken book review

As I looked at the cover after reading the book, I couldn’t help but be drawn to the remarkable image that captures the exact essence of Indrani’s resilience and strength. The title aptly reflects the central theme of the memoir – the unbreakable spirit that carried her through challenging circumstances. The contrast between the word ‘Unbroken’ and the backdrop of darkness signifies the light that Indrani found even in the darkest moments of her life.

Writing Style and Narration

Unbroken book review

What struck me profoundly was the author’s writing style, which is emotionally charged, allowing readers to connect deeply with her struggles and triumphs. Her words are marked by unflinching honesty and raw emotion. Her narration allows readers to feel her vulnerability, pain, and determination as she navigates through the various phases of her life.


Unbroken book review

The language employed is not just engaging but also evocative, allowing readers like me to connect with her story on a deeply personal level. Her courage in sharing intimate details of her life creates a powerful narrative that resonates deeply. As she recounted events from her point of view, I was easily drawn into her experiences.

Personal Perspective

Unbroken book review

As an avid reader who seeks motivation and inspiration from books, ‘Unbroken’ made an ultimate impact on me. Indrani Mukerjea’s willingness to share her darkest moments and innermost thoughts shows her strength and courage. Her account of battling personal demons, navigating complex relationships, and surviving difficulties serves as a reminder that even in the face of unimaginable challenges, the human spirit can remain UNBROKEN.

The memoir, in its entirety, stands as an ode to the strength that can emerge from vulnerability. It reminds us that behind the headlines and rumors, there exists a person with a tapestry of emotions, experiences, and challenges. Indrani Mukerjea’s journey reflects the untamed resilience that resides within every individual, waiting to be discovered and embraced when faced with life’s trials.

As the pages turn and Indrani’s narrative unfolds, this book embarks us on an emotional voyage – one that mirrors the highs and lows of life itself. This memoir is not only a compelling read but also a source of empowerment for women and individuals facing their trials.

Final Verdict

Indrani Mukerjea’s journey is a lesson in embracing vulnerability, finding resilience, and emerging stronger from life’s trials. I would love to rate this book 4.5 ⭐

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    Such strong writing.. commendable job 👏

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    Such a detailed and honest review. I am one of those followers who decide my book purchases by looking at your reviews. I am glad your thoughts helped me choose to buy those books. Keep writing..!!!!

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    Wonderful review. I have been waiting to read this book. Hopefully will start soon

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    The title itself gave us a strong power to overcome all our difficulties without giving up. Great review and it seems like a must read book to empower ourselves. Good job.

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    Beautiful Review. I am adding this to my tbr.

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