butterflies and peppermint dwijisha
Towards Literature

Inspired by Art & Artists

This book is inspired by distinct arts & artists collectively; writers, poets, painters, actors, music, cinema, songs, shows, drama and other implicit inspirations. This indicates that the poetess is an art lover. I acclaim her for giving space to many artists.

Elucidation of Poetry

Poems are elegantly elucidated in very few words. The beauty of poetry is represented by portrayals. Well, most of the poems revolve around love with sub-revolution around pain.

Unique Perspective

Yes, the view matters. The poetess illustrated this in one of her poems while appreciating the beauty of nature. Though she meant the outlook, she explained this idea scrupulously. She also highlighted a fabulous perception of memory. Her poem, “HORCRUXES” exemplifies it.

My Notion & Reaction

One of my favourite poems is Innumerable. This poem conveys the yearn to be in love. As a compliment, I assert that the whole book is somehow intelligible either through words or through emotions, but I didn’t construe what BTS is. I would like to know, If she apprises me; remark: I am not jesting.

At the end of the book, she left a lovely note that you all must read; a free yet worthy suggestion from my hand. There’s so much to say about the book, but let me think of this masterpiece. Okay! Let me tell you, I was smiling when I finished reading it and ran to update the status, “Complete Reading” as I felt cheerful to pick this book up.

Other Highlights

The short length of poems makes them more beautiful. Excellent vocabulary is used for effective expression. But reluctantly mentioning tiny ignorable errors are spotted.

Rating and Recommendation

My rating is 4.6 ⭐ for this graceful piece of writing. Surely, I recommend this book in extolation of an artist for several artists.

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