ideal book review

Book Review is a crucial factor that affects sales and reach of a book. It signifies a book. So, don’t you think it must be honest and unspoiled? Here, I have tried to describe the essentials of an ideal book review with proper analysis and my experience. All I need is just your attention. With holding every major element which can influence a book review, I explain each one by one.

Book Cover

ideal book review

The first and foremost component is the book cover on which a book takes effect. Not every time we need to incribe about book cover in review, because the cover of almost every book is directly related to its subject. There are some exceptions when a book cover depicts a distinct story from its content. Say it; moral, thrill, suspense, theme etc. 

Book Description

ideal book review

It is totally up to you to mention the book description in review. Please note, I said book description not blurb.
Why Book Description? The book description gives an overall idea of the book for readers. If they find it interesting, they will surely buy and read it, otherwise thumb down to your book. Shortly, book description is the chief vital factor affecting book sales, promotion and marketing. So, authors are suggested to write a good book description. It doesn’t matter how excellent your book is if its description loses attention. At the same time, reviewers are advised to write it only when it frames an intriguing outlook. Else, scribbling it down in your review is of no use. Most importantly, when a book description narrates the whole story itself, you must avoid scribing it in review. Because a book may lose its uniqueness due to repetitive depiction; the audience gets irritated sometimes as a book has multiple reviews. Thus, every review must be wacky.


ideal book review

It is the most significant part of a book which acts as a brace, so we are supposed to analyse it deeply. How the content of the book is, must be a concern of our review, not what the content of the book is. Understand the difference. People who will read the book will themselves come to know what the content is. If we are writing what the content of the book is in our review, we are introducing the book, not reviewing the book. Since the introduction is already there in the book description and prologue, why should it be there in the book review? We are not supposed to write a book over that particular book as a review. But unknowingly, many of us write another book on that book in our review. How ridiculous !


ideal book review

This can’t be neglected as it plays a pivotal role in the significance of a book. Although it is remarkable, but less than the content. It includes language, grammar and author’s art of story telling, the art of penning down emotions etc. Here it isn’t important what we shouldn’t mention in review, but the requirement is what we shouldn’t miss. If we find bad narration, poor language and haphazard grammatical errors, then we are obliged to comment, otherwise it’s unworthy to highlight this criteria. 

Myth and Reality

Book reviewers as well as authors must consider the facts. If the genre of the book is non-fiction, facts shouldn’t be avoided. Reviewers should check whether the book is justifying the reality or not. Neither the author nor the reviewer should disregard the reality just to make the book interesting. It might seem a trivial measure, but it can lead to a drastic outcome.

Unbiased Judgement

ideal book review
A Reader Peacefully Reading A Book

Every reader and reviewer has his favorite author. They must keep in mind that your review should be unbiased and realistic. Don’t make a book unnecessarily engaging with your review. It is ethically not fair. Putting aside the moral norm, your review that you shared just for the sake of your favorite author won’t impress the audience and may also impact the book in a negative way. Such cases are higher when a greater audience already know who your favorite author is. Be honest and ever try to judge a book by its content, not by its author.


Use good vocabulary and effective words. Don’t go off to the subject. Mention whatever we needed, else leave the matter. That’s it. Don’t make your review redundantly long. Talk about the subject that the particular book talks about. You don’t need to write every time that I recommend this book to everyone or anyone who loves this genre, this and that. Such sentences seem cringy. By your review, the observers themselves will get the idea whether you are recommending or negating the particular book. 

Hope you like the concept. Try to adopt these points in your review which are essentials of an ideal book review. I am sure you will see an improvement in your review on your own.

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