Title: Haiku Love
Poet: Bidisha Bhattacharya
Genre: Poetry

Haiku love poetry bidisha
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Subject Matter

Like other poetry books, the subject matter is emotions, life and experience. Relatable matters are bonus content for readers.

Title & Cover

With the sort of subject matter, the title and cover selections are apt.


Easy & Gripping. Every kind of reader can understand the connotations of poetry.

My Take

I enthusiastically picked the book because of its title and genre. There are some relatable topics. Obviously, I like them.

Haiku love poetry bidisha
Towards Literature Review

“Haiku Love: Lost in Thoughts”, I believed it to be an engrossing read, but I am sorry to state, it didn’t fulfill my expectations. I enucleated the content is redundantally tiny. It is neither verse nor poetry, but whatever it is, it’s ship shape.

Sadly, it did not awestruck me as a poetry book always did to me. It doesn’t mean you will feel the same. I reckon, our perspectives are different and you may like it. You can pick this book if you love poetry. I advise you to judge the book by yourself, not by my review.

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