Amidst the busy routine, all you need a good read to stay positive and enthusiastic. Here, I’m with such book named “Tathastu! Your Success Granted” by Ankit Thakur. The title itself was the prime cause for picking this book up. I was hypnotised by the positivity it holds. However, I wanted to read it so early yet got late and I apologise for my tardiness.

tathastu book review
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Primary Take for Tathastu Book Review

As the name suggests, the book majorly focuses on success. In the beginning, the author bombarded questions and made readers ponder over success. Questions are crafted in the way that each of them, at least one, is relatable to someone, on the way to success. Such related scripts are an exigency to affix with book.

Power of Thoughts

tathastu book review
Stairs of Thoughts in Mind

Covering the book in six chapters, the author incepted the first chapter as “Thoughts”. The title itself is the idea that says thoughts are the major factor in being successful. As they say, “You Become What You Think”. I like the positive attitude the author held while writing this piece of art and makes himself relate his words with the supreme power. I appreciate his nobility that he did not tell that man is the only doer and reason of everything happened with him.

Subconscious Mind: Your Launchpad

tathastu book review
Subconscious Mind: Your Launchpad

Continuing with chapter two, named Subconscious Mind: Your Launchpad. This convocation is all about the subconscious mind and its power. Arguments are validated with real life illustrations.

Soul of the Success: Dreams and Purpose

tathastu book review

Furthermore, there are more enthralling chapters ahead. The third one is very empowering and titled Soul of the Success: Dreams and Purpose. Deep down in the book, matter becomes much emboldened. Imagination and portrayal of ideas within the mind for huge success. It perfectly suits the proverb, “Your mind is your greatest friend”.

Inspiration through Success Stories

tathastu book review
The Joy of Success

Each chapter begins with a quote by the author himself that is quite credible. Top lessons and success personalities’ paradigms with their success story are marked as your motivation treat. Besides such relish, direct connection with readers directly through numerous questions is made.

Some minor suggestive parts having hypothetical braces may not work for all, but the book is marvellous based on the subject it explores. While some important aspects are left without discussion. Content quality could be profused by adopting any other way instead of the questionnaire. 

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