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The story revolves around V.K. Thajudheen, a middle-aged man who finds himself entangled in a web of chaos upon returning to his hometown, Kannur, for his daughter’s wedding. Instead of celebrating the joyous occasion, he becomes the prime suspect in the theft of a precious gold necklace. The local police, smug with their swift arrest, seem determined to extract a confession from him.

I was bewildered as I followed Thajudheen’s struggle to prove his innocence, especially when all his alibis crumbled in the face of damning CCTV footage seemingly showing him at the scene of the crime. How could he be in two places at once?

The First Impression

When I picked up this novel, I was immediately drawn in by the catchy title and intriguing cover. The fact that it was a true story added to its allure, and I was excited to delve into the plot set in the beautiful backdrop of Kerala.

The stolen necklace

As a lover of South India, I always enjoy reading about the places and culture of the region. Little did I know that this book would take me on an emotional rollercoaster, leaving me with mixed feelings by the end of the journey.

Cover and Title

The stolen necklace
The title captured the essence of the book perfectly. I wonder what the story could be about a stolen necklace. It set the tone for a captivating mystery, which, coupled with the simple yet striking cover design, made for an excellent first impression. I was immediately intrigued and eager to uncover the secrets hidden within the pages.

Story Set Up

Kerala, the setting of the story, came alive through the author’s descriptive narration. Most of the story is set in Kerala. Since I love South India, I didn’t give any second thought to getting my next read. The vivid portrayal of Kannur and its cultural richness was a definite highlight for me.

Language and Narration

The stolen necklace
The language used throughout the book was straightforward and easy to follow, making it accessible to readers of all levels. But somewhere before the middle of the story, I found the narration very boring. I felt a deep urge to put down the book. While I appreciated the simplicity, I couldn’t help but wish for a more engaging narration.

At times, the plot felt a little over-dramatic, particularly as it revolved around a necklace theft. The reason was narration only. Despite this, I found myself emotionally invested in Thajudheen’s character and his family’s bond, which kept me turning the pages.

Final Note
For me, this novel was definitely a three-star read. The incredible twists and turns in the plot kept me guessing, and I was eager to see how Thajudheen’s fight for justice would unfold. However, I couldn’t help but feel that the story would have been enhanced by a more gripping narration. Though the language was easy to understand, I longed for a deeper connection to the events as they unfolded.

The stolen necklace

In the end, the book delivered a powerful message that the unwavering pursuit of justice will prevail, no matter the struggle. The protagonist’s journey of standing up against the system was inspiring, and I couldn’t help but root for his miraculous victory. If you enjoy true stories laced with suspense and a glimpse into the beauty of South India, this book might be worth a read. While it had its shortcomings, it still managed to deliver an emotional and impactful narrative.

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