fiction & reality
Towards Literature

As the cover indicates itself, this book is a coordination of fiction & reality. The poetess talked about sweet and bitter reality and also fascinated the readers through fiction.

Framework of Poetry

Basically, the poetess recounted the events she loved and lived. Her poetry pertains different relationships & the events that make one’s life memorable.

Poetry Variation

Some of the poems are of the free verse kind, while some are in couplets. Every stride of the poetess is praiseworthy because it appears that she appreciates what she has; that is what we all should do. As everyone’s taste is different, so everyone may feel them at a distinct pace. All the poems are nice, but sometimes I lose the whereabouts of my heart.

Theme of Poetry

Moving on to the theme of poetry, I would love to highlight two poems; “That’s my mother” and “Insecurities”. Herein she delineates a mother’s struggle, love and endurance, especially when it comes to daughters’ love & the state of sadness which is often concealed with a fake smile, respectively.

In contrast, I felt awful when I came across the poem, “Story of You and Me”; in this poetry, she replenished the bygone with guilt. It may be a reality, but we don’t all have only guilt for adversities. She presented it in such a way that it feels like life is nothing but a guilt.

In culmination of the book, she presents a poem while keeping the deepest love and sentiments for her beloved grandparents, to whom she referred as best friends; indeed an emotional ending.

Final Verdict

This book is undoubtedly for all kinds of readers without imposition of age, state, gender and relationship status bar. It kept me hooked till the end and I assure you, you will also love it as I do.

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