2023 is onboard and we all are ready to adieu to 2022. The year gave us many lessons, joy and the love to share. There is much to discuss about 2022 but Towards Literature wants to express its gratitude only for all the happiness and achievements that comes its way. One of all these gains is Towards Literature Library, which is now open in Panipat, Haryana.

We are adding all your favorites and your favorite books to be in the library; namely, “Towards Literature Library”. We are sure you will be happy to find the very first book around the corner. Here it goes……..

Cognizant With The Book

Presenting the Book, “You Are Being Watched” by Author Diptendu Chakraborty.

author diptendu chakraborty

Genre: Fiction
Theme: Thriller and Suspense
Publishers: ‎Notion Press
Publishing Date: 29 November, 2022
Language: ‎English

It tells you the story revolving around the murder of Piyusha and the seven deadly sins of pride, greed, lust, envy, gluttony, wrath and sloth inherited inside everyone associated with her. With enumerable twists and turns the story takes you on a thrilling ride where it becomes absolutely impossible for the readers to guess the actual murderer until they read the entire story.

Every character is well researched and everyone’s part is slowly built and added in the story which makes every character suspicious.

A little over 60 pages “You Are Being Watched” by Author Diptendu Chakraborty can be finished in a single sitting and leaves the readers asking for more at the end.

Synopsis of The Book

A pregnant girl named Piyusha gets murdered in her apartment. Suspicion is about each and every person surrounding her life.

Arjun is a Casanova and her boyfriend. Is he the murderer? Intelligibly, he has a clear motive behind her murder. Rohini, Arjun’s mother never approved the relationship between Arjun and Piyusha. Is she the mastermind behind this murder?

Avnish’s (Arjun’s friend) life is a mystery right from the onset. His mother’s business is taken over by Rohini. He is behind the murder of Piyusha to take revenge on Arjun and Piyusha.

“You Are Being Watched” by Author Diptendu Chakraborty tells you the story revolving around the murder of Piyusha and the 7 deadly sins of pride, greed, lust, envy, gluttony, wrath and sloth inherited inside all the people associated with her. Everyone had a motive for her murder, but who was the actual culprit, lets find out.

Book Availability

This book is available on Amazon , Flipkart, Amazon Kindle and Notion Press store. Order now before the stock runs out.

Why You Should Pick This Book

Everyone loves to read a story which can hold their attention till the last page and even after reading the last page readers will be stunned as what got past them as they will be completely blown away by the twist that is a part of this story.

The surprising element in each and every chapter will add to the interest of the readers.

About The Author

author diptendu chakraborty
Author Diptendu Chakraborty

Diptendu Sekhar Chakraborty popularly known as Author Diptendu Chakraborty is a writer by passion and is a published author of the novel “3 @ A Time” which was hugely appreciated by readers. Almost 20,000 copies were sold during its inception.

“You Are Being Watched” a murder mystery is his second creation and was released on 29th November 2022 by Poetic Souls Publishing House.

He has penned numerous poems and short stories for anthologies, online and offline magazines as a co-author and guest author.

He has been awarded with “India’s Top 30 Iconic Achievers Award” and “Indian Noble Awards” for his contribution to Indian literature.

Apart from writing he has a penchant for travelling which takes him to various abstract locations across India.

He can be reached on various social platforms. Check out his social accounts marked below.

What Inspires Author Diptendu Chakraborty to Write, “You Are Being Watched”

author diptendu chakraborty

He has always been a fan of murder mysteries, right from Sidney Sheldon to Agatha Cristie, right from Byomkesh Bakshi to Hercule Poiroit every character in a murder mystery inspires me to develop a plot which makes the readers think about the psychology of the murderer and the reasons behind the same.

He has always been inspired by interesting plots in a story wherein the readers are not able to guess what might happen in the next chapter, the surprising element in every story motivates me to write more such stories.


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